The American Film Institute (AFI) unveiled its annual selection of the year’s outstanding films last night [12] and gave two special awards to The King’s Speech and Waiting For ‘Superman’.

The AFI’s movies of the year are, in alphabetical order: Black Swan; The Fighter; Inception; The Kids Are All Right; 127 Hours; The Social Network; The Town; Toy Story 3; True Grit; and Winter’s Bone.

“As AFI Awards entered its second decade of documenting excellence across the century, it became clear from the scholars, critics and artists who come together for the American Film Institute that acknowledging outstanding work outside the traditional AFI criteria would provide greater context to our goal of recording a true history of the art form,” AFI president and CEO Bob Gazzale said.

“This year and moving forward, in addition to honouring American storytelling in the narrative format, the juries may name special awards and it is AFI’s honour to shine a proper light on these artists and their achievements.”

Winners will be feted at a luncheon in Los Angeles on January 14, 2011.