Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne's The Son (Le Fils) was the big winner at this year's Belgian Oscars, the Joseph Plateau Awards, taking the honours in three categories - Best Belgian Film, Best Belgian Director and Best Belgian Actor - after being nominated for five.

The awards, which are organised by Ghent's Flanders International Film Festival (FIFF), also saw a first this year with ex-aequos in two categories: the Best Belgian Actress award was shared by Els Dottermans for Girl (Meisje) and Antje De Boeck for Hop, and the Best Belgian Music award went to the score composers of the same two films, Vincent D'Hondt (Hop) and Daan Stuyven (Girl).

While Oscar-winning Bosnian director Danis Tanovic received the Best Screenplay award for his No Man's Land, the newly established awards for Best TV Drama, TV Actress and TV Actor were all picked up by the VRT drama series Still Waters.

FIFF secretary general Jacques Dubrulle explained that "there used to be a lot of confusion between the Joseph Plateau Awards for Best Belgian Films and the awards that are handed out during the festival for winners in the feature film competition "The Impact Of Music On Film. That's why we chose to have the ceremony no longer in the framework of the October festival and moved to Brussels".

The Joseph Plateau Awards in full

Best Belgian Film 2001-2002
The Son (by Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne)

Best Belgian Director 2001-2002
Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne (The Son)

Best Belgian Actress 2001-2002
Antje De Boeck (Hop)
Els Dottermans (Girl)

Best Belgian Actor 2001-2002
Olivier Gourmet (The Son)

Best Belgian Composer 2001-2002
Daan Stuyven (Girl)
Vincent D'Hondt (Hop)

Best Belgian Script 2001-2002
Danis Tanovic (No Man's Land)

Best Belgian Short 2001-2002
Snapshot (by Jakob Verbruggen)

Best Belgian Documentary 2001-2002
Iran Sous Le Voile Des Apparences (by Thierry Michel)

Best Belgian TV Drama 2001-2002
Stille Waters

Best Belgian TV Actor 2001-2002
Jan Decleir (Still Waters)

Best Belgian TV Actress 2001-2002
Antje De Boeck (Still Waters)

Joseph Plateau Box Office Prize 2001-2002
Alias (by Jan Verheyen)