Andrew Wagner's The Talent Given Us won the jury award at the CineVegas FilmFestival 2004 at the weekend, while Larry Golin's Cross Bronx took the audience award and JohnHarkrider's Mitchellville received an honourable mention from the jury.

The jury award is presentedannually to a feature length narrative feature without US distribution and thisyear's jury included director Darren Aronofsky and Sarah Polley.

The Talent Given Us centres on a cross-country trip undertaken by two parents who wantto re-engage with their geographically remote son. Judy Wagner, Allen Wagner,Emily Wagner, Maggie Wagner, Judy Dixon and Billy Wirth star.

In Cross Bronx, four friends undergo the trials and tribulations of imminentadulthood as they relocate to an inner city Bronx neighbourhood. MaxGreenfield, Badge Dale, Jerry Ferrara, Nashawn Kearse, Dania Ramirez and BarryPrimus star.

Mitchellville centres on a disturbed young attorney who fantasises about afictitious town that only he can save. Harkrider stars with Herb Lovelle,Michael Voyer, Anna Lodej Pergola, Wendell Pierce and Keith Davis.

The CineVegasFilm Festival 2004 closed on Jun 19. Jack Nicholson and Holly Hunter were amongthe recipients of several career tributes.