Buena VistaInternational's (BVI) The Village has been quietly gathering momentum in recent weeks and shouldboost its $30.8m running total with launches this weekend in Australia on Sept2 and Brazil on Sept 3.

Strong debutsare expected bearing in mind that M Night Shyamalan's previous mystery Signs opened top in both markets, grossing$2.7m in its first weekend in Australia in August 2002 and $1.8m in its firstweek in Brazil the following month.

The animatedfeature Home On The Range opens in Germany on Sept 2 and Italy a day later. Itsinternational cumulative total stands at $28.2m.

King Arthur has grossed an impressive $107.4m fromall its BVI markets to date, eclipsing the disappointing domestic total,however there are no major releases scheduled this weekend.

BVI passed the$1bn annual gross threshold in record time last week (22) and enjoys thedistinction of being the only distributor to achieve the feat 10 years in arow.

FoxInternational will turn up the fright factor when it releases Alien VsPredator in its first majormarkets of Brazil and South Korea on Sept 3 on 226 and 200 prints respectively.

Executives will be looking for decent launches in bothmarkets to propel the $6.1m international running total into double figures.

The distributoropened Garfield inSpain on Sept 1 on 350. The live action comedy is going great guns and hasamassed $65.5m, with major debuts still to come in Australia (Sept 16), Italy(24) and Japan in October.

The sci-fi movieI, Robot has no majordebuts lined up but a series of strong holds could elevate the $143.1m totalpast $150m.

Other active FoxInternational titles include The Girl Next Door on $10.7m, Man On Fire on $7.8m, and Dodgeball on $6.7m.

Universal's spythriller The Bourne Supremacy opens through UIP in Russia on Sept 2 on 165 prints and Mexico onSept 3 on 360; it has grossed $28.1m to date.

TheChronicles Of Riddick goesout in Germany on Sept 2 on 400; it has taken $37.2m industry-wide from its runso far. Van Helsinggets it final major release in Japan on Sept 4 on roughly 300 prints hoping toswell its $157m total to date.

Paramount's MeanGirls opens in Spain andSouth Korea through UIP on Sept 3, while DreamWorks' The Terminal opens in Italy and the UK on Sept 3(following its Venice Film Festival international premiere) and in Taiwan a daylater.

Columbia TriStarFilm Distributors International (CTFDI) opens the comic book adaptation Hellboy in the UK on Sept 2 on 400 prints. Thepicture has grossed $18.5m to date.

Romantic comedy 13Going On 30 goes outthrough CTFDI in Australia on Sept 2 on 225 prints and Italy a day later on120; it has taken $22m. Spider-Man 2 is on $371m.

Warner Bros hasno major releases lined up this weekend. Latest international running totalsannounced by executives put Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban on $521.1m, Troy on $348.5m, and Catwoman on $19.8m.