The records continued to tumble for Warner Bros as Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets passed $200m in international ticket sales over the weekend, amassing an estimated $56.8m from 11.2 million admissions on 8,201 screens in 32 territories. The sequel has an estimated $208m international and $408m worldwide total after 17 days.

Opening in Australia, Chamber Of Secrets grossed $5.9m (A$10.641m), which was the biggest opening weekend ever in the territory for Warner Bros, surpassing Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone by 15%. It was the second biggest industry opening behind Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones, which included $216,000 (AU$1m) from a Wednesday midnight session.

In Spain the picture took $5.6m (Euros 5.7m) from 1.2 million admissions on 617 screens. It beat Philosopher's Stone by 13% and broke the record for the biggest industry opening weekend, surpassing Spider-Man by 12.6%. It also recorded the biggest industry Saturday and Sunday totals. In Mexico Chamber Of Secrets grossed $4.3m (Ps 43.5m), enough for the biggest Warner Bros opening and the second biggest industry opening ever behind Spider-Man. New Zealand yielded the biggest opening ever for the distributor with $820,000 (NZ$1.6m). In Greece the picture opened on $872,000 and an astonishing 78% market share for the weekend. It was the biggest industry opening of all time, beating Sorcerer's Stone by 11%, as well as the biggest opening day, biggest Saturday and biggest Sunday.

There were more records in Portugal, where it took $821,000 (Euros 828,000) with 213,000 admissions from 110 screens. This was the biggest industry opening of all time, the biggest opening day and the biggest Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the territory. Argentina grossed $478,000 (Ps1.7m) with 309,000 admissions from 156 screens. This was the biggest opening for Warner Bros in terms of admissions, beating the original by more than 21% and registering an impressive 65% market share.

In a series of strong holdovers, Chamber Of Secrets grossed $10.6m (Yen 1.4m) in its second weekend in Japan. This was the second biggest second weekend in the territory, even more remarkable when it is noted that Sunday Dec 1 was designated "Movie Day" in Japan and ticket prices were discounted. The running score is $37.9m (Yen 4.6m). In The Netherlands the picture recorded the biggest second weekend ever with $1.6m (Euros1.5m) from 211,000 admissions from 270 screens. Estimated cumulative score is $3.94m (Euros3.91m). Belgium saw strong figures, too, with $1.17m (Euros1.16m) from 211,000 admissions from 158 screens. It was enough to hold on to the number one spot ahead of Fox's James Bond opener Die Another Day. The running total to date is $3.18m (Euros 3.16m ). In Sweden, Chamber Of Secrets grossed $1.1m (SEK9.8m) with 127,000 admissions from 184 screens. Box office was on a par with the original and the cumulative total stands at $3.7m (SEK33.6m). In Brazil it took $1.1m (R$3.9m) with 590,000 admissions from 477 prints for a $3.3m (R$11.7m) cumulative score. Israel added another $470,000 (ILS2.2m) to the coffers with 71,000 admissions from 67 screens. The running total there is $1.01m (ILS4.7m).

In its third weekend in the UK, Chamber Of Secrets fell to second behind Die Another Day but took $7.32m (£4.7m) from 524 theatres for a cumulative total of $58.8m (£37m). It is expected to enter the top ten all-time industry box office pantheon later this week. In Germany the picture grossed just over $6m (Euros5.9m) with 914 admissions from 1,249 screens. Cumulative score in the territory is $40m (Euros39.6m). Next weekend sees openings in France and Italy.