New York-based THINKFilm has acquired North American rights to TheBoston Red Sox Movie,which chronicles the highs and lows of the legendary baseball team set againstthe tumultuous 2003 season and is scheduled to open in Boston on May 7.

Produced by sports filmproduction house Bombo Sports & Entertainment, the film covers lastyear's season from spring training to the climactic encounter with the NewYork Yankees in the finals and features interviews with players and fans.

In addition fans can vote on what they think should be thefilm's title by selecting from a range of options on the club'swebsite.

"We've been in such a race to get this ready as acurtain raiser for the 2004 season that we haven't even had time to finalisethe movie's title," producer Bob Potter said in a statement.

"The Boston Red Sox Movie is really just a subtitle, and since thefans are what this movie is all about, we thought we'd enlist them -and their highly personal opinions of the Sox - to help us come up with aname."

THINKFilm's president and chief executive officer JeffSackman negotiated the deal with Potter.

The film will expand to around 100 theatres in New England by May21 and go nationwide in early summer.

Bombo'ssports-driven documentaries have covered tennis stars Peter Sampras and AndreAgassi and basketball champion Shaquille O'Neal.