ThinkFilm has picked up US rights to Marc Levin's stirringSundance documentary Protocols Of Zionand plans an autumn release.

The picture premiered in the Special Screenings programme in Park City back inJanuary and screened in Berlin last month, and explores anti-semitic claimsthat the Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

In particular Levin exposes the apocryphal Protocols, a sham document createdby the Russian secret police around the turn of the 20th centurypurporting to show how Jewish elders plotted to take over the world.

"Protocols Of Zion is likean alarm that rings loud and clear," ThinkFilm president and chief executiveofficer Jeff Sackman said in a statement.

"We at Think are committed to doing whatever we can, bothprofessionally and personally, to make sure that it is heard by as many peopleof as many faiths as possible."

"More than with any otherfilm that I've made, I wanted to be sure that this one landed with the rightdistributor, someone who not only understands the market, but who feels thefilm," Levin added. "We know that on both of these fronts, we're in goodhands."

Sackman, ThinkFilm theatricaldivision head Mark Urman and senior vice president of acquisitions and businessaffairs Randy Manis negotiated the sale with John Sloss and Micah Green ofCinetic Media.