THINKFilm is selling international rights to Bob Saget's spoofdocumentary Farce Of The Penguins, featuring comedic voice-overs and an R-rated theme andsoundtrack set to wildlife photography.

The picture is in production for a spring 2006 North Americanrelease through THINK and is being represented to AFM buyers through thecompany's sales consultant Mark Horowitz.

Saget will write, direct and voice some of the characters, and isproducing with David Permut, whose credits include Face/Off and Dragnet. Permut negotiated the deal withTHINKFilm president Jeff Sackman.

"The idea for this came organically," Saget said."I was watching the March movie at a screening at my friend's house, and I couldn't stopdoing the voice-overs of the penguins, reminiscent of when I did the voices ofthe animals on the video show. My friend David Permut said, there's a greatcomedy movie in this!"

"The penguin film, and wildlife films in general, have beenso hugely popular lately, that they can certainly use some seriousspoofing," Sackman added.

"Bob's unique ability to take sweet, clean-cut material andturn it upside down and inside out is second to none, and I can't wait to seehim "flip the bird" to the entire genre.

THINKFilm will release The Aristocrats on DVD in January 2006.