THINKFilm has acquired US theatrical and home video rights from HBO to Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired, arguably the most admired film to emerge from a lacklustre Sundance earlier in the year.

THINKFilm will launch the film in New York on July 11 following HBO's initial broadcast on June 9. The Weinstein Company holds international rights excluding UK television.

Marina Zenovich's documentary about the public scandal and private tragedy that drove the legendary director from the US more than 30 years ago.

THINKFilm's newly announced president Mark Urman called the film 'one of the best documentaries I've seen in years', adding: 'It is as compulsively enjoyable as the juiciest tabloid yet it also serves as a stunning indictment of our tabloid-crazed culture.'

Urman, served as Polanski's publicist for several years in the 1990s and was interviewed by Zenovich on background at the earliest stages of production.

'While researching this film I discovered that Mark had worked with Roman Polanski,' the film-maker said. 'After talking to him, I realised that he had a real understanding of the story and knows how to get it to the biggest audience.

Zenovich produced with Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, and Lila Yacoub and Steven Soderbergh and Randy Wooten served as executive producers.