William Mercer and his RozonManagement Group have joined Chris Henze, J B Roberts and Ron West's managementfirm Thruline Entertainment.

Gilbert Rozon, Mercer's Montreal-based partner and founder of the Just ForLaughs Montreal International Comedy Festival, will not become a Thrulineprincipal, however Thruline and Mercer will form a comedy division with him.

The division, which will be named at a later date, will become the USrepresentative of the festival.

Mercer's clients include screenwriter John Rogers, as well as Amy Sloan,Marc-Andre Grondin, and Wendy Liebman.

The Los Angeles office of Rozon Mercer will dissolve, however the Montrealoffice will remain open as another venture between Thruline and Mercer.

Thruline's talent roster includes Jessica Alba, Winona Ryder, Eva Longoria, andAllison Janney.