The staggering result offered a reminder if any were needed that it is only a matter of time before the booming Asian market overtakes North America to become king of the box office world. Overall the film grossed $88m internationally and has combined with the original release for a $2bn-plus running total worldwide.

Fox International executives said the reformatted epic played on 3,500 screens in China (including 65 IMAX screens) and over six days delivered Fox’s biggest launch of all time in the territory.

It has been 12 years since Titanic first set sail in China and to illustrate the scale of the ensuing exhibition explosion, not to mention the rise of a middle class with sufficient disposable income to enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, the weekend’s performance has already overtaken the original’s lifetime total by 32%.

Titanic finished on $44m the first time round and remained the highest grossing Hollywood release for 11 years until it was overtaken by Transformers 2 and then Avatar in early 2010.

Overall Titanic 3D grossed $88.2m from 9,889 screens in 69 markets to boost the international running total to $146.4m.

The weekend performance pushes the film’s lifetime worldwide total including the original release past the $2bn mark.

Titanic 3D opened in Mexico on $1.9m from 364 for first place, $1.7m in Brazil from 233 for third, $830,347 in Norway from 102 for first place and a number one $748,857 launch in Argentina from 92.

The UK led the second weekend results on $2.9m from 508 for $12.8m and second place, while Russia generated a number one hold on $2.7m from 972 for $9.9m. Italy also produced a table topping hold as $2.7m from 389 boosted the tally to $8.4m.

Titanic 3D added $2.6m from 362 in France for third place and a $7.9m running total and $2.2m from 497 in Germany for second place and a $7.4m cumulative score. Australia has generated $4.6m, Spain $3.5m, Japan $3.1m, South Korea $3.1m and India $2.6m, all after two weekends.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel added $3.9m from 1,456 in 26 markets for an excellent $60.9m and has reached $29.3m in the UK after eight weekends and $15.2m in Australia after four. Chronicle stands at $57.6m, Star Wars: Episode I 3D $59.8m and This Means War $88.8m.

  • Universal/UPI’s Battleship pulled off an excellent maiden voyage, amassing $58m from 4,950 sites in 26 territories. Bearing in mind there are 38 territories to go including China and Russia, the action release remains on course to cross $200m by the end of its run.

The film opened top in 20 territories and set Universal opening records and year-to-date high water marks in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. South Korea generated a terrific $8m from 250 and Battleship distinguished itself further by setting the biggest opening day for a non-sequel English-language film.

Table-topping launches generated $6.1m in the UK from 496, $5m in Germany from 632 for the biggest English-language launch of 2012 so far and $4.9m in Japan from 342 heading into the Golden Week holiday.

Battleship opened top in Australia on $4.2m from 238, ranked second in France on $3.8m from 608, opened top in Taiwan on a mighty $3.4m from 69, top in Spain on $3m from 369 for the biggest opening day of the year-to-date and top in Italy on $3m from 328. It opens in the US on May 18.

American Pie: Reunion added $11.8m from 2,641 in 34 for an early $40.8m running total. Argentina scored a notable debut on $460,000 from 50 and in a pair of number one launches Poland delivered $570,000 from 75 and Peru $304,000 from 42.

Turning to second weekend holdovers, Reunion brought in $2.8m in Australia from 231 for $10.7m, $2.7m in Russia from 628 for $9.8m, $915,000 in Mexico from 493 for $3.5m and $774,000 in Netherlands from 99 for $2.3m.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax grossed $8.6m from 3,753 in 51 for $74.3m and has reached $11.5m in Australia after three weekends. Safe House crossed $200m worldwide and stands at $74.9m through UPI.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Wrath Of The Titans grossed a further $16m from 9,000 screens in 63 markets for $188m ahead of next weekend’s launch in Japan. Journey 2 is projected to end the weekend on $220m.
  • Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games brought in a further $15m from 5,200 screens in 60 territories through international licensees, pushing the tally to $194m.

The action film has amassed $531m worldwide and in its fourth weekend brought in a further $2.4m in the UK for $30.8m and $2.3m in Australia for $27.1m. It stands at $17.1m in Germany, $13.2m in Russia and $12.4m in Mexico.

Horror release The Cabin In The Woods opened day-and-date with North America in select markets, grossing $3.4m. It opened in the UK on $2.5m from 412 and in Russia on $1.1m from 365.

  • Aardman/Sony’s animated collaboration Pirates! The Band Of Misfits brought in a further $8.4m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from 4,200 screens in 34 markets as the tally climbed to $44.4m. It grossed $2.5m in its third weekend in the UK from 899 for $20.7m and stands at $5.4m in Germany after three, $4.1m in Australia after two and $3.9m in France after three.

21 Jump Street brought in $4m from 1,130 in 19 for $34m and launched in Russia in third place on $2m from 421. The action comedy has reached $14.8m in Australia and $13.9m in the UK, both after five weekends.

  • John Carter has crossed $200m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, which will go some way towards redeeming the maligned sci-fi fantasy following its dismal performance in North America.
  • PPI reported that DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots stands at $404m, Hugo $77.2m and The Devil Inside $47.8m.
  • Mirror Mirror added $1.4m in the UK through StudioCanal for $8.2m. Delicacy opened at $119,254.