SergioBianchi's sardonic political comedy Chronically Unfeasible, Shion Sono's Japanesemystery-comedy Suicide Club and Manuel Gomez Pereira's steamy Spanish thriller BetweenYour Legs are among themajor festival films that will feature in a new video series launched today byTLA Releasing in the domestic market.

The year-round programme will see a new title released onDVD and VHS every other month and comprises festival entries from Berlin,Toronto, Cannes and New York, among others.

"Thousandsof films are screened at film festivals all over the world but only a hundred,or so, actually find a US distributor," Ray Murray, president of TLA andartistic director of the Philadelphia Film Festival, said in a statement.

'We foundthis a perfect opportunity to help bring more attention for these quality filmsby creating the International Film Festival."

"Withfocused acquisitions, we've selected films from Japan, Poland, Spain,Brazil, Italy and Germany, many of them audience award winners and festivalfavourites."

Other titles inthe first five series are Yolanda Garcia Serrano and Juan Luis Iborra's LoveOf Man (Spain, 1997),Sandra Werneck's Possible Loves (Brazil, 2000), Viviane Candas' The Bathers (France, 2003), KazuhikoNakamura's Bastoni - The Stick Handlers (Japan, 2002), Davide Ferrario's ChildrenOf Hannibal (Italy,1998), Stanislaw Mucha's Absolut Warhola (Germany, 2001) and Alfonso Albacete andDavid Menkes' I Will Survive (Spain, 1999).