TLA Releasing has picked upChristian Calson's directorial debut thriller Shiner and plans to release it on video in October.

The distributor acquiredhome entertainment rights in the US and Canada for the picture, which will makeits world premiere at the upcoming 28th San Francisco International Gay &Lesbian Film Festival.

TLA Releasing's director ofacquisitions Richard A Wolff and writer-director Calson signed the deal on Jun8.

The story centres on adisturbing friendship between three people that involves sexually charged fistfights, and follows the consequences of this as the characters gradually spiralout of control.

"We are excited aboutworking with Christian Calson," Wolff said in a statement. "The film willcertainly cause various reactions with its brutally honest depiction of relationshipsin today's world."

Wolff added it bore strikingsimilarities to Fight Club, Crash, Blue Velvet and Todd Verow's 1995 gay serial killer picture Frisk.

"I'm extremely proud andexcited about working with TLA Releasing," Calson added. "I believe Shiner fits into their catalogue perfectly and shows theircontinued support for presenting first-time film-makers an opportunity to gettheir films fantastic exposure."