Been with channel for 11 years.

Tom Tagholm is leaving his post as Channel 4 Network Creative Director. He has been working with Channel 4 for 11 years, as one of the original team to set up 4creative in 2001.

He will now be concentrating on developing films and commercial projects. He is represented by Blink for commercials, and Independent Talent for film.

He previously directed shorts including A Bout de Truffe - The Truffle Hunter.

He had been responsible for overseeing all on and off air advertising for C4 including all idents.

Director of Marketing and Communications Dan Brooke said: “Tom is a creative titan and has been behind some of Channel 4’s best advertising and branding for more than a decade. We are gutted to see him go, but understand that sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. We wish him all the success in the world as he follows his film-making passions and hope we’ll be able to work closely with him in the future.”

Tagholm added: “4Creative is a magic place and I’m incredibly proud of the work we have done together. There is nowhere else like it in town and I will miss it like hell. But I have some other projects and now is the right time to give them some love and attention.”