Thailand-based filmmaker Tom Waller will direct the story of Thailand’s last prison executioner, Chavoret Jaruboon in feature film Chavoret: The Last Executioner.

Vithaya Pansringarm, who appears in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives, plays Chavoret as an older man. A younger actor will play the younger Chavoret, who was a rock and roll guitar player entertaining GIs during the Vietnam War before he started working for the prison service.

Don Linder wrote the screenplay based on interviews with Chavoret himself and his family and friends. The film will explore his struggle with the good and bad karma involved in the job. Jaruboon died in May 2012.

Waller will also produce alongside Michael Pritchett. Somboon Vichaisre and Oscar Kahar will associate produce.

The drama/biopic will start shooting in early 2013.

Pansringarm also worked with Waller on the award-winning Mindfulness and Murder.

Waller is attending this week’s Asian FIlm Market in Busan to discuss the project.