Twenty-four filmmakers are set to take part in the Talent Lab, the artistic development programme that runs from Sept 7-10, while Pitch This! offers six teams the chance to present their projects to a jury and live audience.

Bingham Ray and Jason Reitman [pictured] are among the mentors on the Talent Lab, whose 24 participants are as follows: Paul-E. Audet, Kaz Cai, Jordan Canning, Jonas Carpignano, Catherine Chagnon, Ron Eyal, Sol Friedman, Tess Girard, Sarah Goodman, Danis Goulet, Ian Harnarine, Matt Johnson, Cameron Labine, Mauricio Leiva-Cock, Nadia Litz, Johnny Ma, Omar Majeed, Moon Molson, Nimisha Mukerji, Halima Ouadiri, David F Shamoon, Mark Slutsky, Sara St.Onge and Sam Voutas.

The Pitch This! finalists are: John Christou, Mark Slutsky and Aisling Chin-Yee with Breaking The Band; Walter Forsyth, Ngardy Conteh and Allan Tong with Leone Stars; Sean Wainsteim and Plato Fountidakis with The Lost Woods; Stephen Dunn and Dillon McManamy with The Marksman; Elizabeth Lazebnik with The Multiple Selves Of Hannah Maynard; and Lynne Kamm, Rahnuma Panthaky and Marc Almon with Pinweight.

Toronto International Film Festival co-director Cameron Bailey also announced that Sarah Allen, Katie Boland, Sarah Gadon and Keon Mohajeri have been selected for the new Rising Stars programme.