John Bain’s Search Engine Films has acquired Canadian rights from Edyson Entertainment to the Discovery selection following its world premiere on Friday.

Pat Mills stars in his feature directorial debut as an irresponsible adult who bluffs his way into a job as a high school counsellor.

The development comes only one day after Andrew Herwitz’s The Film Sales Company licensed world sales rights to Edyson.

Also starring in the dark comedy are Zhara Bentham, Eleanor Zichy and Tracey Hoyt.

“We set out to make a movie that really captured Pat’s wonderful, idiosyncratic voice but the feedback we’ve been getting on a commercial level has been genuinely exciting,” said producer Alyson Richards.

“The number of people who have come out in support of this film has been wonderful but when we were approached by John Bain to partner up, it was a dream come true.”