Internationalfilm consultant Trans-Pacific Media (TPM) has picked up Israeli theatredirector Uri Paster's multi-language historical drama King Of Beggars for worldwide representation, andexpects to announce a sales agent before AFM.

Shot entirely inLithuania and based on Mendele Mocher Seforim's novel of the same name, KingOf Beggars charts therise of a Jewish hero who turns a band of beggars and thieves into a fightingmachine.

The unit becomesso mighty that they end up fighting alongside the Russians in a war against thePoles.

According to thefilmmakers this is the largest Israeli production in history. TPM is workingwith the Los Angeles Israeli Consulate to host a special VIP screening andreception next month.

The Ajimae Groupproduction was produced by Yaniv Hamama, Shahar Sorek and Paster, with TheYshosua Rabinowich Foundation, Yaniv Hamama, Ike Starkman and Moshe Barkatserving as executive producers.

'Initially,the combination of Uri and Shahar's talents piqued our interest," TPMprincipals Laurie Woodrow and Dan Griffiths said.

"After learningabout the massive, cross-cultural efforts that went into the making of thisfilm, and seeing it, we're convinced it has great commercial potential."