Paramount Pictures executives confirmed today that Transformers
did indeed set an industry record for a new release's first-week gross
and took more than initially thought.

Final studio figures confirm the number one North American film
grossed $155.8m, considerably more than the $152.5m estimate issued on
Sunday. The previous mark was Spider-Man's $151.6m set in May 2002.

Transformers launched on July 3 with an all-time Tuesday record $27.5m
and followed that up with a Jul 4 record haul of $29.1m, overturning
Spider-Man 2's $21.9m set in 2004. The three-day weekend total
amounted to $70.9m.

Michael Bay's blockbuster added $46.7m in its second weekend overseas,
raising the cumulative total to $96.7m. After barely two weeks the
worldwide tally stands at $252.5m.

Upcoming markets include Mexico, Brazil and South Africa on Jul 20,
France and Belgium on July 25, the UK on Jul 27, Germany on Aug 2, and
Japan on Aug 4.