Das Werk's production subsidiaries Traumwerk Filmproduktion and Promark Entertainment are banding together under the label Promark International to develop English-language TV 'events' and mini-series productions for the international market.

The joint venture will be co-ordinated from Los Angeles by Promark's Jon Kramer and from Traumwerk's new Berlin office by former RTL Television executive Nikolaus Kraemer. "Like Hallmark we want to produce programming with a mass-appeal where the sales pitch is already in the title", Kraemer explained. Promark International would concentrate its choice of projects on historical subjects - "from all periods of history up to the Second World War" - which would mostly be shot at locations in Eastern Europe, with US and German network commitments as the basis for the financing. The venture marks a new departure for Traumwerk's TV operations as it has concentrated until now on handling programme commissions from German broadcasters.