The Tribeca FilmInstitute has launched Tribeca All Access, a programme to support ethnicminority film-makers that will make its debut at the 2004 Tribeca FilmFestival.

The programmeaims to facilitate networking and funding opportunities through project meetingswith industry players including producers, sales agents and equity financiers.

Directors ofapproximately 20 fiction projects in development and documentary projects inthe work-in-progress stage will be selected, with the possibility of screeningsat the festival.

A slate ofproject meetings will be arranged on a case-by-case basis for each participantand the inaugural Tribeca All Access will run in conjunction with the festivalnext year from May 3-6, 2004. The festival runs from May 1-9 2004.

"What I loveabout film is its richness," Tribeca Film Institute co-founder Robert De Nirosaid in a statement. "You can only get that when people of differentbackgrounds come together."

"We are sopleased to launch this important initiative for the Tribeca FilmInstitute,' added co-founder Jane Rosenthal. "Cultural diversity isinseparable from the fabric of New York City, and is what makes New York, acity made up of millions of people, all from rich and diverse culturalbackgrounds, the ideal location for a program such as this."