Lars Von Trier is to downsize. Themercurial Dane yesterday issued another of his 'statements.' The subject thistime was his own 'Revitality.' 'In my fiftieth year Ifeel I have earned the privilege of narrowing down,' he declared.

'In conjunction with the departure of VibekeWindelov, who has been my producer for ten years, andthe arrival of Meta Louise Foldager in her place, Iintend to reschedule my professional activities in order to rediscover myoriginal enthusiasm for film,' the director continued. 'Over the last few yearsI have felt increasingly burdened by barren habits and expectations (my own andother people's) and I feel the urge to tidy up.'

No longer will Von Trier premierehis films at 'prestigious, exotic festivals.' His latest, The Boss Of It All, will have its worldpremiere as the opening film of the Copenhagen International Film Festival onSeptember 21st. This is the first time ever a Trier film has had its worldpremiere in Denmark.

The Copenhagen Festival's head of programming Jacob Neiiendam expressed his delight at Von Trier'sdecision to show The Boss Of It All in Copenhagenfirst. 'We couldn't dream of a betteropening film than one from our greatest filmmaker. I have always found Lars vonTrier's films wickedly funny, so I can't wait to seehow far he goes with The Boss of it All.'

In future, Von Trier promised, he will reduce the scope of his productionsand spend more time shooting them. He will launch and promote the films in astyle more in keeping with the ascetic way he plans to make them. The Dane hasalso vowed that in future he will be cutting down on promotion.

Not that the cult of Von Trier islikely to disappear altogether. He recently wrote an autobiographicalscreenplay Erik Nietzsche - The Early Years, about his traumatic film school years.Lone Scherfig (ItalianFor Beginners) is to direct.