Troy passed $200m at the international box office at theweekend with an estimated $39m haul on 9,764 screens in 58 countries thatraised the Warner Bros picture's running total to $216m

Key drivers were $4.1m on 506 screens in its second weekendin the UK for $18.9m and second place behind Fox's The Day After Tomorrow,a number one hold in Italy on $4m on 825 for $12.9m, and $3.8m on 568 in Japan for $14.4m.

In Korea Troy remained top on $3.3m on 305 for $11.3mand the picture is now Warner Bros' fifth biggest release of all time there.

Russia produced $1.8m on227 for $6.9m and ranks as the studio's seventh and the industry's 10thbiggest release of all time.

France added $2.6m for $13.7m and Spainraised its total by $2.5m for $16m to become Warner Bros' sixth biggest pictureever.

Australiaadded $1.8m on 418 for $11.7m, Mexico yielded $1.4m on 765 for $11.2m andTurkey resisted The Day After Tomorrow valiantly to stay top on $584,000on 260 for $4.6m, making Troy the eighth biggest picture of all time there andthe distributor's fourth biggest behind Vizontele Tuuba, The MatrixReloaded and Vizontele.