Warner Bros enjoyed its third biggest international weekend of alltime as Troy added an estimated $71m from 10,272 screens in 58 marketsfor a $146.9m running total.

Driven by mighty bows in the UK, Japan, Italy, Korea and Russiaand solid domestic business the action epic has now amassed $233.2mworldwide.

Second week holdovers were impressive, helping the picture staytop in 44 of its original 47 markets.

In the UK Troy grossed a superb $10.9m from 506 screens,including $4.3m in previews from the previous week.

This was the industry's biggest UK opening of the year and thedistributor's fifth biggest ever behind the first two Harry Potterepisodes and the final two Matrix episodes.

Troy took a mighty $6.3m from 822 in Italyfor the fourth biggest three-day bow ever for Warner Bros behind HarryPotter And The Sorcerer's Stone, The Matrix Reloaded and HarryPotter And The Chamber Of Secrets.

It grossed $6.1m from 568 screens in Japan and a magnificent $4.6mfrom 305 in Korea including previews for the biggest US bow in Korea this yearand the distributor's third biggest behind the final two Matrixepisodes.

Russia produced the fifth biggest industry opening ever as Troygrossed an outstanding $3.4m from 230 including previews, while Taiwan scored$2.6m from 240 for the fourth biggest opening weekend ever behind The LordOf The Rings: The Return Of The King, Harry Potter And The Chamber OfSecrets and The Mummy Returns.

Denmark produced a superb $1.5m from 78 including previews in whatwas the biggest ever opening for a 15-rated picture, the biggest opening of theyear and the third biggest Warner Bros bow behind the first two Harry Potterepisodes.

Leading a series of strong holdovers was Germany, where Troyfell a mere 9% on $7.7m for $19.7m running total, and France, where the picturefell 9% and added $4.7m for $10.6m.

It added $4.4m for $12.5m in Spain, Australia raisedits total by $3m to $9.1m, Mexico fell 21% on $2.8m for $8.5m and Brazil added$1.5m for a $4.2m running total.

Elsewhere Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed added $1.3m from2,205 screens and dropped 12% for a $91m international running total. TakingLives is on $31m and Something's Gotta Give has reached $140.6m.