MarkCuban and Todd Wagner's independent label Truly Indie will handle the UStheatrical release of Doug Block's autobiographical documentary 51 BirchStreet.

Thefocus of the story centres on the truth behind the seemingly idyllic 54-yearmarriage of Block's parents. When his mother dies and his father announcesseveral months later that he is leaving town to move in with his formersecretary, Block discovers his mother's diaries and learns the shocking truthbehind his parents' long association.

51Birch Street is a Copacetic Picturesproduction in association with HBO Documentary Films and Priddy BrothersEntertainment. It is also a ZDF co-production in cooperation with Arte and was producedby Block and Lori Cheatle. HBO Documentary Films's Sheila Nevins and John andEd Priddy of Priddy Brothers Entertainment served as executive producers.

'51Birch Street is that rare film thatperfectly and gracefully captures the drama of life-changing events as familysecrets are uncovered,' Truly Indie's Kelly Sanders said. 'Done insuch a profound and moving way, this film is immensely entertaining and we are extremelyexcited to be working with the skilful filmmaker Doug Block.'

JoshBraun of Submarine Entertainment negotiated the deal on behalf of thefilmmakers with Truly Indie. The picture will open in New York and Los Angeleson Oct 18 before expanding into other markets.