JasonKliot and Joana Vicente's New York production outfit Deutsch/Open City haspromoted Tory Tunnell to vice president and retained the New York literaryagency Franklin & Siegel Associates to scout books for the company.

Themoves come as Deutsch/Open City grows to fulfill its mandate to develop andproduce quality, mid-to-higher budget range pictures.

"We'rethrilled with the work Tory has been doing since she joined us four years ago,especially the match-making she has done with Donny Deutsch and Franklin &Siegel," Deutsch/Open City principals Kliot and Vicente said in a jointstatement. "Her gumption coupled with her passion for film has proveninvaluable."

Tunnellrecently brought Franklin & Siegel Associates into the Deutsch/Open Cityfold. The agency's client roster includes more than 20 international publishersand its film department headed by Erin Hennicke also serves as the East Coastliterary scout for Universal Pictures.

"Aftera couple of meetings with Erin it became clear that Franklin & Siegelclearly understands what we were looking for in new literary properties -original, character-driven stories from fresh voices," Tunnell said.

Previouslythe company's head of development, Tunnell has overseen such Open CityFilms/Blow Up Pictures titles as The Assassination Of Richard Nixon, Lovely And Amazing and Love In The Time Of Money. Prior to this she worked in network televisiondevelopment.

Deutsch and Open City joinedtogether last September following a three-year deal between Deutsch chairmanDonny Deutsch and Open City's Kliot and Vicente that covers Open City'soverheads and the cost of developing an unlimited number of projects.