The Weinstein Company (TWC) has bought North American rights fromWild Bunch to Kevin MacDonald's upcoming Klaus Barbie documentary My Enemy'sEnemy.

My Enemy's Enemy investigates the legacy of the former Gestapo commander known as'The Butcher Of Lyon' who terrorised Lyon and the surrounding region fromNovember 1942 to August 1944.

The project follows Barbie as he makes the extraordinarytransformation from Nazi war criminal to American counter-intelligence officer,and culminates in Barbie's infamous 1987 trial when he is forced to facejustice for his role in Hitler's Final Solution. Rita Dagher is producingthrough her Yalla Films.

"We are delighted to be associated with Kevin, Wild Bunch andRita on this important and emotionally overwhelming part of history," TWCexecutive vice president of acquisitions Maeva Gatineau said.

"What I wanted to do in My Enemy's Enemy was to reveal an alternate history ofthe post-war world," MacDonald said. "This is a version of historywhere, in contrast to what we were all told, fascist ideology prevailed.

"The story of Klaus Barbie - Nazi torturer, Americanspy, tool of repressive right-wing regimes - is symbolic of the realrelationship that the 'Western' governments had with Fascism and makes us seethe world as it is today - and the politicians who inhabit it - ina different way."

Gatineau and TWC's senior vice president of business and legalaffairs Laine Kline negotiated the deal with Wild Bunch's Vincent Maravel.