The Weinstein Company (TWC) hassigned a deal to handle international sales on LA-based production andfinancing company The Mayhem Project's first two pictures, Clock Tower and Make It Happen.

TWC's president of international Glen Basner is keen to build upthe sales agency side of the company, and concluded a raft of deals on ExodusFilm Group's CG-animated comedy Igor at Cannes.

Clock Tower is based on a video game on the same name about two sisters whoseek out their childhood home where they encounter a timeless horror.

Jorge Olguin is directing from a screenplay by Todd Farmer, JakeWade Wall, and David Coggeshall.

Make It Happen follows the fortunes of a small town girl who moves to Chicago tobecome a dancer. Duane Adler wrote the screenplay and Bille Woodruff isdirecting.

Mayhem Project founder Anthony Mosawi is producing the projectswith Brad Luff. Production on both is set to begin in December 2006.

"These are two films that make great sense for independent distributorsaround the world," Basner said. "We are thrilled that The MayhemProject has entrusted international sales to TWC International."

"The common thread through Mayhem Project movies - regardlessof genre - is wrapping an exciting story around a fresh concept that gives audiencessomething they have never seen before," Mosawi said.

"We feel our first twoprojects achieve this well, and we sought an association with The WeinsteinCompany, as we believe they were the best to go to for internationalsales."