The Weinstein Company (TWC) has become the first company to insertanti-smoking public service announcements in DVDs in which smoking is depicted.

The move follows a request sent last month to the leading studiosby 41 US attorneys-general.

The December release of Clerks II will contain an anti-smoking ad createdby the American Legacy Foundation (ALF).

'I cannot thank Bob and Harvey Weinsteinenough,' Maryland Attorney General J Joseph Curran said. 'We havebeen trying for years to get Hollywood studios to work with us on what webelieve is meaningful protection for our children, and the Weinsteins havetaken that all-important first step.'

Curran's September request offered free and unlimited use ofteen-targeted anti-smoking ads developed for the ALF's truth campaign, createdafter the 1998 settlement of the states' tobacco litigation against conglomeratedtobacco.

'We arevery proud to be the first to sign onto this important initiative,' Boband Harvey Weinstein said. 'The Attorney General made a very sensiblerequest, and we think the concept has a lot of merit.'