German producer-distributor UFA Cinema has added eight projects to its ambitious production slate, including a new screen adaptation of Robert Harris's international bestseller Vaterland.

Vaterland was previously filmed by Chris Menaul in 1994 with Rutger Hauer in the lead.

The company's executive managers Wolf Bauer, Thomas Peter Friedl, Nico Hofmann and Jürgen Schuster have now selected a total of 19 projects to be produced between 2009 and 2011 from more than 80 in active development.

Apart from Vaterland, UFA Cinema has a number of other book adaptation projects lined up.

It will collaborate with sister company Phoenix Film on Granz Henman's family film The Devil's Kickers (Die Teufelskicker) adapted by Christoph Silber from the books by Frauke Nahrgang.

In addition, UFA Cinema is preparing adaptations of David Safier's second novel, the romantic comedy Jesus Loves Me; cult comic author Ralf König's latest book Prototyp; and the family film Alles Emma - Oder Was' based on the interactive book series for teenagers by Gerlis Zillgens.

Roland Suso Richter's family film Jungle Child, adapted from the childhood memories of a German woman who lived with her family in the jungle of Western New Guinea from the age of five to 17, is set to be the first project in the slate to go into production this spring.

Another project aimed at the family audience is the adventure film Efraim Langstrumpf Und Die Kannibalen-Prinzessin.

Other projects include the co-production of Toke Constantin Hebbeln's feature debut, Niemandsland, with Berlin-based Frisbeefilms.

While writer-director Otto Alexander Jahrreiss is developing the quirky urban comedy Tauben Auf Dem Dach with UFA Cinema.

Previously announced projects for UFA include adaptations of David Safier's bestselling debut novel Lousy Karma; Noah Gordon's The Physician; Ralf König's comic Hempel's Sofa; and the 3-D CGI film Marnie's World.