UIP's German pick-up and family comedy Seven Dwarfs dominated the German market at theweekend, opening top on a superb estimated $11.3m on 752 screens for 53% marketshare.

UIP executives said yesterday (31) this was the third biggestopening weekend of the year in Germany behind (T)Raumschiff Surprise's $15.4m and Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban's $14.8m.

The picture opened top in Austria on $900,00 on 81 screens and 50%market share in the seventh biggest opening weekend of the year there.

Information was limited for the German part of Switzerland,however UIP executives reported an estimated $250,000 on 39, which is verystrong. Overall Seven Dwarfs grossed $12.5m from all three territories.

Latestinternational running totals for Universal's spy thriller The BourneIdentity and romanticcomedy Wimbledon are$90m and $19.2m respectively.