UnitedInternational Pictures (UIP) has signed a non-exclusive content deal with NeosInteractive, the developers of upscale hospitality digital entertainment systemNeosTV (formerly known as IRIS).

The deal wasfacilitated by content procurement specialist Federal Hill Communications,which was appointed by Neos Interactive to oversee talks with the majorstudios.

The UIP packagefeatures a range of titles including The Bourne Identity, Red Dragon and Spirit: Stallion Of Cimarron. Federal Hill will manage Neos'daily programming and marketing needs at its various upscale hospitalityclients.

NeosTV's service offers its luxury hotel clientsVOD, music on demand, internet access, email, world radio and MS Officeapplications on a high-resolution screen. An open architecture system means theplatform is compatible with third party software.

'Whilemany hotels remain reluctant to convert to digital services due to the initialcapital expenditure, the benefits to be realised by systems like NeosTV faroutweigh the costs associated with developing new equipment to add to analready outdated delivery system,' Federal Hill president and chiefexecutive officer Bethany Gorfine said in a statement.

'We arevery pleased to include Neos as one of our new clients and we look forward tooffering during the course of our agreement some very exciting Hollywoodproduct such as The Hulk, The Ringand the upcoming Johnny English,' a UIP spokesperson said in a statement.