Universal's The Interpreter opens in 15 markets through UIP this weekend as executivesexpect to build on last weekend's strong launch that earned the bulk of the$12.5m international running total.

The UN-set thriller was due to open in Germany on Apr 21 on 400prints, followed a day later by Mexico on 210, Brazil on 120, and South Koreaon 80. Strong results are expected given the near-universal popularity of thethriller genre and the appeal of star Nicole Kidman.

Gold Circle's White Noise was set to open in Australia for Universal on Apr 21; it hasreached $10.7m in international grosses to date. Wimbledon opens in Japan on Apr 23. Both releasesare through UIP, as is the Italian opening on Apr 22 of the adventure picture Sahara, which currently stands at $8.6m.

Can Fox International's animated feature Robots pass $100m this weekend' With aninternational running total of $95.4m and several major markets remainingthere's no doubt it will reach the milestone, however it may fall shy thisweekend as no major debuts are planned.

The romantic comedy remake Guess Who gets an early push this weekend, withopenings set for Brazil on Apr 21 on 151 prints, followed a day later in the UKand Mexico on 356 and 275 respectively.

Executives expect to do good business in all three markets. By wayof comparison the romantic comedy Hitch opened top in the UK last month on $8.3m in 448 sites.

The Amityville Horror was set to open in Germany on Apr 21 on 347 prints and has grossed$4.9m to date, while thriller Hide And Seek goes out in Japan on Apr 23 on 200 andcurrently stands at $58.2m.

The comedy Fat Albert, for which Fox International holds limited rights, was set toopen in Australia on Apr 21 on 120 prints. Caper sequel Be Cool has no major debuts and stands at $28.5m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Miss Congeniality 2 opens in a further 12 markets thisweekend but no major ones, and reached $41.3m by Apr 19.

Latest international cumulative totals released by executives put Constantine on $130.8m, A Very Long Engagement on $62.6m, and The Aviator on $18.8m through Warner Bros' markets inLatin America and Turkey, where the picture has amassed $1.1m since opening onFeb 18. All totals are as of Apr 19.

Buena Vista International (BVI) opens The Pacifier in Italy and Mexico on Apr 22 and thefamily picture is doing well in the early stages of its run on $21.4m. BVIopened Garden State inFrance on Apr 20 and that picture has reached $5.1m to date.

Sony Picture Releasing International (SPRI) opens the comedy Spanglishin South Korea on Apr22, hoping to boost its $11.9m international total to date. Latestinternational running totals put Hitch at $170.4m, Kung Fu Hustle on $66.4m, and Are We There Yet on $13.7m through all distributors.

IS Film Distribution opens the family picture Racing Stripes in Italy and Spain this weekend. Thepicture has reached $29.6m.

New LineInternational has no major releases this weekend, however latest figures put SonOf The Mask on $21.6mand Cellular on $32m.