As theclosing date beckons for responses to the UK Government1s proposals forreforming film tax incentives, certain sectors of the industry are claimingthat their voices are not being heard.

One lobby group determined to ensure its concerns are addressed is TheDirectors Guild of Great Britain (DGGB), which today (Oct 21), will besubmitting its own document to the Treasury and the Department of Culture,Media and Sport (DCMS).

'When you see the forums in which people from the UK Film Council or PACT holdforth about how they would like to influence the outcome of this review, itbecame apparent to us that we have a totally different perspective and a veryvaluable contribution to make,' said Guild film commitee member, JohnGoldschmidt.

'Directors weren't involved in a serious way in the consultation processthat produced the (Government) documents,' DGGB council member Don Boydtold

The DGGB document is expected to highlight several areas of concern about theGovernment1s proposals. For example, DGGB members are understood to havereservations about elements of the new DCMS 'Cultural Test.' Underthis Test, points are awarded for various elements that identify films as being'culturally British.'

Guild members believe that various highly regarded British productions shotabroad, among them Bridge On The River Kwai, The Third Man, In This World and The Warrior, would risk falling foul ofsuch a test. (Points will be awarded for films 'set wholly or mainly inthe UK or a representation of the UK.') Nor are the members happywith the ambiguous language regarding such matters as British residency andnationality.

Like other sections of the industry, the DGGB fears that Britain risks losing its allure as aco-production partner under Government proposals. The Guild is also frettingabout transition arrangements. 'There is a danger of a black hole betweenApril 5th and July 5th next year,' said Goldschmidt.

'This is last chance saloon. Whatever is framed as legislation will bewhat we have to live with for the next decade. For that reason, it is doublyimportant that the directors are involved,' said Boyd.

The Guild is funded by subscription. DGGB's members include such notable namesLord Attenborough, Harold Pinter, Sir Alan Parker, Mike Leigh, Roman Polanskiand Michael Winner. The Guild is receiving strong support from the DirectorsGuild of America (whose president Michael Apted is aDGGB member.)