UK Film Council's Development Fund has unveiled details of its third year of slate funding to a selection of film companies.

Recipients include: Fragile Films (£200,000), Ruby Films (£255,000), Tall Stories (£100,000), NFTS (£12,000), Riverchild Films (£65,000), October Films (£90,000), Gruber Films (£100,000) and Recorded Picture Company (£100,000).

Little Bird has been given its second year's funding of £250,000 and Samuelson Productions has received £50,000 of development funding.

Earlier this month, the UK Film Council said it was overhauling its policy of development funding having decided that its 20-odd slate deals are spreading funds too thinly.

Instead it will underwrite a handful of film operations allying producers with distributors and financiers from the UK and overseas. (See, April 1)