A series of anti piracy trailers, voiced by Noel Clarke, will screen in UK cinemas from tomorrow (5th March)

UK pro-copyright body Industry Trust has launched a new series of cinema trailers which aim to thank the public for its ongoing support through buying genuine DVDs, legal downloads and cinema tickets.

The trailers, which will appear in cinemas from tomorrow (5th) follow on from a previous campaign which ran in March 2009 and was voiced by British actor and director Noel Clarke.

The 2010 campaign will feature four executions, also voiced by Clarke, directed by UK TV series Little Britain director Steve Bendelack.

As well as being screened in cinemas, the 2010 trailers will feature as i-dents on DVDS, and on outdoor advertising, following research that revealed that 79% of adults who saw the trailers last year felt more positive about the industry as a result.

They will be specifically geared at the youth audience, following research by teenage virtual world Habbo Hotel, which reveals that 26% of young people aged between 11-18  now use the internet to source their film and TV content digitally with 63% of those obtaining their digital content from legitimate sources.  

British writer and director Nick Love has lent his support to the campaign saying: “It’s important that film fans continue to visit the cinema and buy or download the real deal each time, because by choosing these legitimate versions, you help to reward all our hard work and fund the programmes and films of the future, ploughing funding back into the film industry and back into the UK.“

Liz Bales, director-general of the Industry Trust, said: “The You Make the Movies trailers form part of a long-term education drive by the industry to show consumers the very positive impact they have on the future of film and TV when they support legal content and respect copyright – and thank all those that choose to do so.”