Film producer Clive Parsons, who produced films by Bill Forsyth, Lindsay Anderson and Franco Zeffirelli, has died in the UK at age 66.

Parsons and his long-time business partner Davina Belling formed Film and General Productions in 1971 and worked in financing and development before they started producing with Inserts in 1975. The company went on to work on films such as Forsyth’s Gregory’s Girl and Comfort and Joy, Anderson’s Britannia Hospital, Alan Clarke’s Scum, Brian Gibson’s Breaking Glass, Charlotte Brandstrom’s A Business Affair, Ferdinand Fairfax’s True Blue, and Paul Feig’s I Am David.

Parsons was also a co-producer on Zeffirelli’s Tea With Mussolini and Callas Forever. He also worked on TV productions including The Queens’ Nose and The Giblet Boys.

Parsons and Belling were also briefly affiliated with US-based Kings Road Productions, with Parsons serving as president for three years when it produced All of Me and The Big Easy.

Surrey-born, Oxford-educated Parsons started his film career in the legal department of Paramount Pictures in London; he then moved to Warner Bros. Europe as head of business affairs.