Domestic DVD distributorHart Sharp Video has partnered with Bombo Sports & Entertainment todistribute a new line of specialised sports documentaries.

Upcoming releases willinclude Liverpool FC - No Heart As Big, Manchester United: Beyond The Promised Land, Roy Keane, As I See It, and the rugby picture Sweet Chariot. Each of these pictures has already opened in theUK.

"I am thrilled to partnerwith one of the leading sports production companies. They get amazing access tothe key figures who really bring each sport to life," Hart Sharp Videopresident Joe Amodei said in a statement.

Bombo chief executiveofficer Bob Potter said he believed Hart Sharp "can turn American fans on tothe thrill of soccer and rugby as well as bring our other films to the widestpossible audience."

Andrew Herwitz of the FilmSales Company negotiated the deal for Bombo with Goetz Grossman acting for HartSharp.