UK distribution outfitParasol Peccadillo picked five titles during the Cannes Film Festival forrelease.

Three of the films willbe released through distribution arm Parasol Peccadillo Releasing (PPR), whichfocuses on arthouse titles, while two will go through Peccadillo Pictures,which focuses on niche gay and lesbian interest titles.

The three films picked upfor release under the PPR banner are:

Gael Morel's 3 DancingSlaves (Le Clan), a portrait of the lives of three brothers livingin the shadow of the Alps and economic deprivation. It was sold by French salescompany Film Distribution.

Swedish comedy TheKetchup Effect, directed by Teresa Fabik and sold by Nonstop Films.

You're My Hero (Eres Mi Heroe), directed by Antonio Cuadri,and sold by Lumina Films, Spain.

The two titles acquired forPeccadillo Pictures release are:

Proteus, directed by Jack Lewis and John Greyson, and soldby Horizon Entertainment of South Africa.

Sebastian Lifshitz's WildSide, winner of the Teddy Award at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival. The salescompany is Film Distribution.

Company director ChristianMartin said the company's business model was "to double our theatrical releasesfrom 3 titles in 2003 to 6 titles in 2004, which now puts us on course to reach12 titles in 2005. This move mirrors our dvd/home entertainment strategy whichhas risen from 1 title every 2 months in 2003 to 2 releases per month in thecurrent year."

Titles released, orscheduled for release, in 2004 include Patrice Chereau's silverbear winner Son Frère, Yee Chih-Yen's Blue Gate Crossing, and the Merchant Ivoryproduction Dr Rey, directed by Andrew Litvack.