Universal/UPI's The Bourne Ultimatum was the number one overseas film at the weekend as it generated a steady $14.4m from 2,100 sites in 25 territories for an early international running total of $55m.

The result was fired up by a $2.8m number one launch in Russia from 392 sites, which was as big as the combined final tallies of the first two films. The Bourne Identity finished on $1.1m and The Bourne Supremacy ended on $1.7m.

Bourne scored an impressive $1.2m launch in Brazil from 180 locations, which was bigger than the final $1.1m tally of The Bourne Identity. The third episode is expected to overtake the $1.7m final gross of The Bourne Supremacy this week.

Audiences in New Zealand turned out en masse to the opening as the thriller grabbed 47% market share and opened top on $630,000 from 53 sites. This was 290% bigger than the opening of The Bourne Identity and 66% bigger than the opening of The Bourne Supremacy.

The film held firm at number one in the UK despite a 44% drop as $5.9m from 454 sites raised the total after two weekends to $27.6m. It has already overtaken the final tallies of the first two episodes and is posed to overtake Mission Impossible III's $29.2m this week.

Universal films dominate the UK top 10 with a 54% market share: Knocked Up stands in second place and Evan Almighty is 10th.

In Spain The Bourne Ultimatum is neck-and-neck in a race for second place with sword and sandal saga The Last Legion, and added fell a mere 29% on $1.7m for $8.5m after two weekends.

There are 30 territories to open over the next three months including Australia on Aug 30, Mexico on Sept 7, France on Sept 12 and Japan on Nov 10.

The aforementioned comedy Knocked Up grossed $7m from 1,628 locations in 19 territories for an early $25.6m international cumulative total.

The film opened number one in Germany on $2.2m from 586 sites, which is 11% bigger than The 40 Year Old Virgin. It opened in second place in the UK on $3m from 425, which is 41% bigger than The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Austria also produced a table-topping debut on $370,0000 from 85 sites, which was 10% bigger than The 40 Year Old Virgin. Mexico opened on $400,000 from 187 dates, which is approximately the same level as Virgin. There are 40 territories still to open including Brazil on Sept 21 and France in October

Evan Almighty grossed $6m from 3,200 venues in 35 territories for $41.5m. The comedy launched at number one in Spain on $1.8m from 331 sites, and opened top in Hong Kong on $500,000 from 30, and top in South Africa on $200,000 from 71. There are 15 territories still to open including Australia on Sept 20.

Two other active Universal comedies remain active. I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry grossed $1.5m from 365 dates in six territories for an early $7.5m tally and ranks second in Australia in the second weekend after raising the tally there by $1.3m from 227 sites for $3.9m. Mr Bean's Holiday stands at $189.4m. Japan will be the final release in January 2008.

Fox International's The Simpsons Movie and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) Ratatouille each grossed an estimated $11.6m according to the distributors.

The Simpsons Movie remains active on 6,500 screens in 52 markets and is bearing down on $300m after raising the tally to $290m.

The comedy opened in South Korea on $974,000 from 171 screens and stayed top in Brazil on $1.9m from 459 screens for $5.1m after two weekends. In the second weekend in Russia it added $1.1m from 545 for $6.1m.

The Simpsons ranks fourth in the fifth weekend in the UK as $1.4m from 505 raised the tally there to an excellent $72.6m. It ranks sixth in France after the same amount of time as $1.2m from 659 raised the running total to $24.9m.

Also noteworthy is Finland, where the film remains top for the fifth consecutive weekend and is poised to overtake Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End to become the biggest release of the year-to-date. The running total is $3.8m.

Die Hard 4.0 added $3m from 2,000 screens in 25 markets for $220.4m. The Bruce Willis action romp stayed top in the second weekend in Argentina, where it has amassed $780,000, and ranks third in Australia after adding $1.2m from 352 screens in the third weekend for $7.8m.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer has reached $139m following a $2.7m weekend gross from 1,500 screens in 13 markets. It ranks fifth in France after three on $10.8m following a $1.3m haul from 681 screens.

WDSMPI's Ratatouille is poised to become the biggest release of the year-to-date in France by the end of this week. The film stayed top for the fourth consecutive weekend as $5.9m from 723 sites raised the tally to $44.9m. The Pixar release should overtake Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End's $47.2m mark within days.

Unsurprisingly given the romantic Paris setting and culinary theme, Ratatouille has become a phenomenon in France and ranks as the second biggest Pixar film behind Finding Nemo.

Overall Ratatouille grossed $11.6m from 3,055 screens in 29 territories to stand at $172m with plenty of territories still to open.

The film continued to hold well in key markets, where slight drops meant that holdover business accounted for $11.3m of the $11.6m weekend total.

In the fourth weekend in Spain, Ratatouille fell 21% on $1.2m from 505 for $15.5m and is currently running 10% ahead of Cars at the comparable stage. In the fifth weekend in Japan it fell 35% on $1.2m for $27m and should overtake Toy Story 2 by the end of next weekend to become the fourth biggest Pixar release.

Ratatouille stayed top in Belgium in the fourth weekend following a 32% fall on $760,000 from 92 sites for $4.9m. It also held on to the top berth in Portugal in the second weekend following a 44% decline on $450,000 from 79 for $2.1m, and has already beaten the entire run of Cars by 60%.

The only new launch was in Turkey, where the film scored a creditable $380,000 number one gross from 80 locations for the third biggest Pixar debut behind Finding Nemo and Cars.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End stands at $651m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix overtook the final tally of the fourth episode Goblet Of Fire ($606m) as $10.5m from more than 5,400 prints in 58 territories raised the gross to $613.3m. Phoenix should pass The Chamber Of Secrets' $617m final tally by the end of next weekend.

Seventh weekend business was distinguished by the final international release in Greece, a result that was affected by the deadly fires that devastated large parts of the country, including the Peloponnese and areas around Athens and Evia island.

Nonetheless the film opened at number one on a very strong $1.8m (Eu1.3m) from 118 prints, including previews.

The film still ranks number one in Japan in the sixth weekend as $1.8m (¥208m) from 627 screens elevated the running total to $69.3m (¥8.2bn).

In the third weekend in China, the film added $1.3m (RMB 10m) from 480 prints for $16.4m (RMB 124m).

No Reservations grossed $2.2m from 751 prints in 15 markets for $7.6m, powered by a $1.7m (AU$1.7m) number one launch in Australia on 235 screens.

Ocean's Thirteen added $2m from more than 850 prints in 39 markets for $185m. The caper took $1.6m (¥189m) from 312 screens in its third weekend in Japan for $18.8m (¥2.2bn).

DreamWorks/Paramount's Transformers grossed $6.4m from 3,811 locations in 63 territories through PPI, bringing the cumulative total to $367.5m.

The largest gross came from the UK, where the film added $1m from 380 screens, down 50%, for $43.6m.

The thriller Disturbia took $2.8m from 809 locations in 34 territories to raise the running total to $15.1m. The film opened in France on $1.3m from 216 screens, and in Belgium on $359,000 from 39 sites. In two other launches, Disturbia grossed $322,000 in the Netherlands from 59 screens, and $183,000 in Taiwan from 54 locations.

The fantasy tale Stardust grossed $2m from 409 locations in five territories for $12.5m. Shrek The Third added $1.1m million this weekend including its digital release in China, raising the tally to $417.5m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's animated feature Surf's Up added $3.3m from 1,930 screens in 35 markets for $32.1m.

With no new releases, holdovers accounted for business. The film added $875,000 in the second weekend in Spain to rank fifth on $4.8m, and $600,000 in the third weekend in Mexico to rank number one on $3.7m.

After three weekends in the UK, Surf's Up ranks eighth on $6.3m, and after two in Venezuela and Argentina it ranks first on $806,000 and sixth on $330,000 respectively.