The Berlin International Film Festival will present the world premiere of Volume I of the longer, uncut version of Nymphomaniac, out of competition.

“Berlinale audiences will be the first to see the long uncut version of Nymphomaniac Volume I. Lars von Trier, a guest of the Berlinale for the first time in 1984, returns to the festival with this film. The aesthetic he has created in Nymphomaniac is impressive and radical,” said Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick.

The shorter four-hour version of the film will open worldwide in Danish cinemas on December 25, followed by release in early 2014 around the globe. The longer version’s two parts are estimated to have a running time of 5.5 hours. It is not yet known when Vol II of the longer version will be launched.

TrustNordisk said: “The screening in Berlin will be the only screening of the long version of volume 1, until the long version of volume 2 will premiere sometime later in 2014.” 

For more explanation of the longer and shorter versions of Nymphomaniac, read Screen’s interview with producer Louise Vesth.