Universal's Love Actually grossed an estimated $15.4m through UIP from 2,300sites in 18 countries over the weekend to raise its international cumulativetotal to $48.7m.

The romantic comedy stayedtop in its second week in the UK, adding $8.4m from 477 sites and dropping 11%including previews (25% excluding) for a magnificent $25.9m running total.

The 10-day total is tracking21% ahead of Bridget Jones's Diaryand 42% ahead of Notting Hill.

In Germany in its secondweek Love Actually is neck-and-neckin second place with Master And Commander, behind Finding Nemo. Itadded $1.8m and slipped 11% for a $4.5m total.

Italy ranked second andadded $865,000 from 248 sites, dropping 49% for $5.9m in its third weekend.

Elsewhere the film took 34%market share as it opened top in New Zealand on $376,000 from 49 sites.

In other totals it added$1.2m for $3.1m in its second week in Spain and $650,000 for $1.6m in itssecond week in the Netherlands. It has 23 countries to go.

Meanwhile the black comedy IntolerableCruelty grossed $3.7m from 2,150sites in 24 countries for a $68.8m running total. It has seven countries to go.

The drama 21 Grams ranked second as it took $675,000 from 248 sites inMexico, dropping 32% (excluding previews) for $2.6m in its second weekend.