Universal's thriller sequel TheBourne Supremacy stormed to the topof the charts at the weekend on an estimated $53.5m, vying for attention with Fahrenheit9/11, which as expected became thefirst documentary in history to pass $100m.

Paul Greengrass' $75mfollow-up to Doug Liman's 2002 hit The Bourne Identity almost doubled that picture's $27.1m bow, and givesUniversal its first bona fide hot of the summer after disappointments in VanHelsing and The Chronicles Of Riddick.

In the film, Matt Damonreprises his role as the super-assassin who this time around is framed formurder. Franka Potente returns briefly as Bourne's love interest with JoanAllen, Brian Cox and Julia Stiles as Bourne's controllers in the CIA. TheBourne Supremacy garnered strongreviews, averaged $16,909 from 3,165 screens and looks good to pass theoriginal's $121.7m final gross.

Twentieth Century Fox'ssci-fi thriller I, Robot fell tosecond place on $22.1m for an excellent $95.4m in its second weekend, beatingWarner Bros' $80m-plus Catwoman which opened third on a tame $17.2m.

Halle Berry stars as amurdered graphic artist brought back to life as an avenging feline fury whogets her claws into an unscrupulous cosmetics company. Pitof directed thepoorly received picture, which averaged $5,503 from 3,117 screens; it alsostars Benjamin Bratt and Sharon Stone.

Lions Gate top brass saidMichael Moore's Palme d'Or winner Fahrenheit 9/11 reached $100m on Sat Jul 24, its 32nd day ofrelease, after adding $5m for $103.4m (see separate story.)

The picture dropped 30% andtwo places to seventh in its fifth weekend, becoming the first documentary(including concert films and IMAX releases) to pass the milestone.

It emerged today (25) thatLions Gate executives plan to keep the picture in theatres until the end of theyear and possibly into 2005, although Moore said in a conference call withreporters that he hoped the DVD would be released before the PresidentialElection in November.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is distributed in the US by Lions Gate, IFC Films andHarvey and Bob Weinstein's Fellowship Adventure Group.

Elsewhere, Sony's Spider-Man2 fell two to fourth on $15m for$328.5m in its fourth weekend, while Dreamworks' Anchorman slipped three to sixth on $7.1m for $71.2m in itsthird weekend.

New Line's romantic epic TheNotebook continued to hold well asit added $4.5m for $62.5m in its fifth weekend and fell one place to eighth,while Buena Vista's King Arthurlimped towards mediocrity in its third weekend on $3.1m for $45.2m afterfalling three to ninth.

Next weekend's wide releasesinclude Buena Vista's M Night Shyamalan thriller The Village, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Adrien Brody;Paramount's remake of political thriller The Manchurian Candidate starring Denzel Washington, Liev Schreiber and MerylStreep; New Line's comedy Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle starring John Cho and Kal Penn; andUniversal-Working Title's Thunderbirds, which stars Bill Paxton, Ben Kingsley and Anthony Edwards.

Estimated Top Ten US Jul23-25 2004

Film(Distributor)/International distribution/Estimated weekend gross/Estimatedtotal to date

1 (-) The BourneSupremacy (Universal) UIP $53.5m -

2 (1) I, Robot (Fox) Fox Intl $22.1m $95.4m

3 (-) Catwoman (Warner Bros) Warner Bros $17.2m -

4(2) Spider-Man 2 (Sony) CTFDI$15m $328.5m

5 (4) A Cinderella Story (Warner Bros) Warner Bros Intl $8m $29.8m

6 (3) Anchorman (Dreamworks) UIP $7.1m $71.2m

7 (5) Fahrenheit 9/11 (Lions Gate/IFC Films/Fellowship Adventure Group) WildBunch $5m $103.4m

8 (7) The Notebook (New Line) NLI $4.5m $62.5m

9 (6) King Arthur (Buena Vista) BVI $3.1m $45.2m

10 (10) Shrek 2 (Dreamworks) UIP $2.4m $429.5m