Universal's Ray grossed an estimated $2.7m through UIPon 1,250 screens in 27 territories at the weekend, raising the internationalrunning total to $13.5m.

Highlightsincluded a decent second weekend hold in Australia that raised the total by$550,000 on 205 to $1.6m. The picture added $390,000 on 198 in the UK for $2.7mafter three weekends, and took $360,000 on 123 in its fifth weekend in Germanyfor $3.6m.

Ray opened on $155,000 on 41 in Brazil, whichis roughly on a par with previous debuts for O Brother Where Art Thou' and 8 Mile, while Mexico produced an unremarkable$55,000 on 35.

After twoweekends Japan stands on $1.2m after two weekends, Austria is on $425,000 afterfour, and the picture ranks number one in New Zealand on $310,000 after two.There are 23 territories still to open including France on Feb 23.

Felix, a German animated family film that UIPpicked up for German-speaking territories, opened in Germany in eighth place on$775,000 on 560. Executives expect the box office to benefit from schoolholidays that start in some regions this week.

Focus Features' SeedOf Chucky opened throughUniversal on $260,000 on 101 in Australia. White Noise, which UIP is handling in selectterritories, opened in France on a strong $750,000 on 127 and ranked fourth inParis by the close of the weekend.

BridgetJones: The Edge Of Reason continuesits run in more than 20 territories and its international cumulative totalstands at $187m through UIP, rising to $203m through all distributors includingMars in France. It opens through UIP in Japan on Mar 19.