Even a typhoonwas not enough to dislodge Universal's 8 Mile from its number one berth in Japan,where in its second week the film grossed $1.7m from 235 venues.

The drama slipped a mere 23% and has taken $6m in theterritory. Overall the film's international running total is $116.3m.

The spy-spoof JohnnyEnglish grossed $1.2mfrom 1,519 sites in 21 countries in its eighth weekend on release, raising itsinternational cumulative score to $108.1m.

Holding at sixthin the UK on $248,000 from 319 sites, Johnny raised its total to $29.8m to overtake TheMummy Returns asUniversal's ninth biggest ever film in the territory.

The film has eight more territories to go, starting withFrance on Jul 23.

The Life OfDavid Gale opened inSouth Africa on $59,000 from 35 sites. Its international running total nowstands at $13.2m.

It opens in Spainon Jun 6 and Japan on Jul 26.