Universal's spy sequel The Bourne Supremacy scoredthe studio's biggest international debut of the year at the weekend as itopened top in Australia on an estimated $3.4m on 231 screens.

The mighty launch through UIP took 52% market share and wasUniversal's sixth biggest ever opening in the territory, grossing 117% more inUS$ than The Bourne Identity in 2002.

Overall the picture added $7.7m on 1,100 screens in 12territories to raise its international running total to $25m.

A strong $1.8m holdover in its third weekend in the UK on404 screens elevated the cumulative total there to $15.4m. The picture passedthe original's $12.4m final gross in US$ on Aug 26 and passed the £7.9m localcurrency mark on Aug 28.

There are 39 territories still to open, including Russia andMexico next weekend.

Universal's action sequel The Chronicles Of Riddickgrossed $6m (through UIP and separate distributors in Japan and Korea) on 2,000screens in 22 territories. The industry-wide cumulative score stands at $35mwhile UIP territories have amassed $21m

UIP highlights were first place in Spain on $1.7m on 221 andthird in the UK on $1.8m on 373. There are 10 territories still to openincluding Germany next weekend.