Universal's TheHulk did some smashing business asthe number three film at the international box office over the weekend,grossing $9.3m from 3,182 theatres in 29 countries to raise its total to$69.9m.

In the distributor's10th biggest opening ever in the UK, the film placed first on $5.8m from 500sites, including paid previews. Universal said The Hulk enjoyed 31% market share.

In three fair openings, thefilm went straight to number one in Finland with $144,000 from 45 sites, Israelopened in second place on $128,000 from 33 and Poland produced first place and$91,000 from 55.

In Germany the film fell 45%for $343,000 from 525, raising its running total after 18 days to $3.7m.

In Mexico the film raisedits total to a mighty $11.3m after 24 days, grossing $298,000 from 298 andslipping 60%.

Spain added $604,000 from342, down 50%, for $6.2m in 17 days, while the 25-day Australian total rose by$286,000 from 220 to $6m, slipping 62%.

Taiwan is on $3.2m in itsfourth week after a $108,000 haul from 54 sites and a 61% drop.

The Hulk has 12 more territories to open, including Japan onAug 2.

Bolstered by strong openingsin Greece, Turkey and Singapore, 2 Fast 2 Furious raised its running total to $78.1m after grossing$2.1m from 1,733 sites in 22 territories.

Greece opened number one on$203,000 from 19, 73% bigger than the 2001 original.

In Turkey the film took$164,000 from 76, 60% bigger than the original. Rankings were not available.

Singapore produced a numberone opening on $345,000 from 24, 78% bigger than the original. It is expectedto pass the original's final box office of $391,000 later this week.

Elsewhere, holdovers raisedrunning totals to $10.1m in Germany after 32 days, $6m in Spain after 24,$11.5m in the UK after 31 and to $7.6m in Mexico after 38 days.

2 Fast 2 Furious has a further 19 territories to open, with a Japanrelease set for Aug 23.