Fox International will be looking to keep The Pink Panther in the number one international slotthis weekend with a major launch in Italy.

The comedy remake is set to open on Mar 24 on 367 prints and todate the picture has amassed more than $50m.

Date Movie,currently on $17.8m, goes out in Russia on Mar 23 on 80 prints, followed a daylater in Mexico and Brazil on 200 and 122 respectively.

The Hills Have Eyes, which has amassed $5m to date, launches in Germany on Mar 25 on360. Big Momma's House 2 stands at $55m.

Meanwhile comedy The Ringer gets its first international release in the UK on Mar 24 on280 prints.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) launches its horrortitle Hostel in theUK and Spain on Mar 24, one day after Argentina. The picture stands at $10.5m.

Yours Mine And Ours opens in Russia and Malaysia on Mar 23, followed a day later inSweden and South Africa. The picture is in the early stages of release.

Latest figures puts Underworld: Evolution on $38.3m through all distributors, Capote on $11.6m, Fun With Dick And Jane on $85.9m, and Zathura on $30.5m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) adventure Eight Below ventures out into the wilds of Germanyand Austria on Mar 23 looking to build on its $2.4m gross. Casanova stands at $22.1m, The Shaggy Dog stands at $4.2m, while Chicken Little has reached $176.2m and TheChronicles Of Narnia $421.9m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's V For Vendetta, which currently stands at $8.4m, hasseveral smaller releases this weekend.

Latest figures released by the distributor puts Rumor Has It on $45.6m (including Roadshowterritories), Firewallon $11.8m (including Roadshow territories), Syriana on $34.8m, North Country on $6.7m, and Harry Potter And TheGoblet Of Fire $602.1m.

Universal's thriller The Inside Man launches day and date with the US throughUIP in Germany on Mar 23 and the UK and Brazil on Mar 24.

Children's title Nanny McPhee opens in Russia on Mar 23, and Pride & Prejudice releases in South Korea on Mar 24.

Paramount's drama The Weather Man goes out in Australia on Mar 23 and thefollowing day in Mexico. Comedy Last Holiday travels to Italy on Mar 24. FocusFeatures' horror tale Cry Wolf opens in Australia on Mar 23.