Universalexecutives will be hoping the stars continue to shine on Along Came Polly this weekend when the romantic comedygoes out wide in Germany and Mexico through UIP.

The picture, which opened top in the UK last weekend andremained number one in its second weekend in Brazil, opens in Germany on Mar 4on 475 screens and in Mexico on Mar 5 on 260.

Strong openingsare expected in light of Polly's string of impressive international bows, which have notched up$15m in ticket sales so far.

However Polly will have a battle on its hands tooverthrow Buena Vista International's (BVI) spoof horror sequel Scary Movie3, which opened top on amighty $7.4m last weekend.

BVI opens KillBill Vol 1 in Spain onMar 5 and the name of Quentin Tarantino should prove sufficient to boost therevenge saga's current $45.1m cumulative score from BVI markets.

The distributoris also opening Brother Bear in Italy on Mar 5, with executives quietly confident of anotherstrong bow for the animated sleeper hit, which has grossed $87.7m from itsmarkets.

FoxInternational opens the comedy Uptown Girls in the UK on Mar 5 on 200 prints (it hasgrossed $5.4m so far) and Cheaper By The Dozen in Russia on Mar 4 on 125 ($32.4m).

The horrorsequel Jeepers Creepers 2 opens in Italy on Mar 5 on 164, comedy Stuck On You goes out in Brazil on Mar 5 on 90 and aday later in Taiwan on 50. Jeepers Creepers 2 has grossed $27.2m to date.

FoxInternational is also opening Boris Quercia's Chilean comedy Sexo Con Amor in Mexico on 120 prints. This is thefirst Latin American bow for the comedy, which the distributor picked up forall markets in the region excluding Chile.

New Line's TheLord of The Rings: The Return Of The King has no major openings left, however everybody at the studiowill be counting on the fantasy saga's 11-Oscar triumph to add to its $663.1minternational running total as of Mar 1.

Warner Brosopens Something's Gotta Give in Russia on Mar 5 in what could be another strong bow for theromantic comedy, which has blazed a trail across Europe since its Berlin launchlast month and racked up $79.9m.

The racingthriller Torque goesout in the UK on Mar 5 and has taken $12.3m do far. While Warner Bros has notindicated the size of the release racing thrillers have done well in the UK,where 2 Fast 2 Furiousopened top in June 2003 on $4.6m.

Latest figuresreleased by the studio put The Last Samurai on a superb $326.3m international totaland Mystic Riveron$57.2m.

Columbia TriStarFilm Distributors International (CTFDI) opens Big Fish in France on Mar 3 and in Korea andSpain on Mar 5. The drama has grossed $18.9m at the international box office todate.

The horrorpicture Gothika,currently on $23.9m, goes out in Brazil on Mar 5 and action sequel Once UponA Time In Mexico opensin Japan on Mar 6.

Finally, theformer US number one romantic comedy 50 First Dates gets its first international bow inRussia on Mar 4.