Final figures reveal that Universal's The Inside Man was the international champion over the weekend as it grossed $9.9m through UIP in 1,400 sites in 18 territories.

UIP executives expect lengthy holds for the adult picture before the major summerreleases launch.

Spike Lee's latest directorial offering opened number one in starClive Owen's home country of the UK on $3.2m from 354 sites, and also scored anumber one debut in Germany on $2.3m from 297.

Brazil produced a number one $720,000 debut on 113 sites, whileMexico generated $820,000 from 233 and the highest openings in the territoryfor Lee and Owen's co-star Denzel Washington.

In other number one launches, Austria and Greece generated$300,000 from 53 and $71,000 from 50 respectively. The Netherlands andGerman-speaking parts of Switzerland opened top on $430,000 from 65 and$240,000 from 30 respectively.

Paramount's romantic comedy Failure To Launch took $2.8m from 950 venues in 12 markets bringingits total to $9m. It opened in Singapore and Belgium, grossing $155,000 from 15and $140,000 from 26 respectively.

In second weekend holds, Germany added $1.3m for $3.1m and Mexicoadded $400,000 for $1.6m.

Universal's Pride & Prejudice opened in South Korea in the number twospot behind a local language comedy on an excellent $1.2m from 150 sites.

The period drama added $1.5m from 500 in 30 territories over theweekend for an impressive $76.4m international running total. Family title NannyMcPhee added $1.2m from1,300 in 36 for a mighty $61.2m including $5m from France. There are 14territories still to open including Mexico and Spain on Apr 7.

Latest results put King Kong on $328.8m after 15 weeks in the marketplace, while horrortitle Cry Wolf, whichUniversal has for Australia and New Zealand, opened in both territories andgrossed $276,000.

Universal only holds right for Brokeback Mountain in Spain, where the drama has amassed$8.4m after 10 weeks.

Fox International's The Pink Panther added $9.4m on 4,186 screens to raise the running total to $60m.

Results were powered by a$1.3m debut in Italy on 364 screens and a number one $243,000 opening inThailand on 90.

The comedy remake added $2.2m in the UK where it ranked secondbehind Inside Man andhas amassed $6.4m after two weekends. After three weekends in Australia it ranksnumber two on $2.8m.

Meanwhile Fox's comedy Date Movie added $3.8m on 1,596 for $21.7, fuelledby a Brazilian debut that generated $344,000 on 123 and $473,000 on 200 inMexico.

Horror remake The Hills Have Eyes raised its cumulative total by $2.2m on1,607 to $7.6m. The highlight was a number three or four debut in Germany thatproduced $1.2m on 350. The UK stands at $5.6m after three weekends.

Comedy The Ringer opened in its first international market of the UK and grossed$1.1m on 261 for fifth place.

Warner Bros Pictures International's V For Vendetta added $5.5m and more than 725,000admissions from approximately 2,164 prints in 24 markets for $17.7m.

Norway and Finland opened top on $230,000 from 30 prints and$122,000 from 25 respectively.

In key second weekend holds, the UK generated $1.1m from 404 sitesfor $4.3m, Italy added $669,000 from 290 for $2.1m, South Korea added $629,000from 124 for $2.4m, and Germany added $553,000 from 360 for $1.9m. After thesame amount of time, Mexico stands at $2.2m and Sweden has amassed $616,000.

Warner's thriller Firewall added $2.2m from 1,010 screens in 20 markets for $14.7m,fired up by a $1.3m Spanish launch on 301 screens.

New Line International's Final Destination 3 opened number one in France on $1.9m from 369 screens. To date the picture has grossed $31.7m through all its markets. The New World stands at $13.1m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's action thriller Ultravioletlaunched in thePhilippines, Indonesia and Sweden for an early $185,000 running total.

Horror tale When A Stranger Calls remained number one in its second weekendin Australia as it added $550,000 from 185 screens for $1.6m.

Fantasy sequel Underworld: Evolution added $1m from 866 screens in 13 marketsfor $18.4m through SPRI and $42.8m through all distributors.

Horror title Hostel added $4m from 1,123 in 25 for a $16.1m cumulative total. Itopened in the UK in third place on $2.1m from 330 screens. Spain produced $1mon 250 in its first weekend.

Capote took$1.4m from 597 screens in 37 for a total to date of $13.8m. The UK stands at$2.2m, Australia has amassed $1.5m, and Germany stands at $1.1m.

Family title Yours, Mine And Ours added $1,2m from 412 in 19 for $3.3m.

Buena Vista International resultswere unavailable at time of going to press.